"Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you"

-Aldous huxley

The Youkilis Law Group, P.C. was started in 2015 with one singular goal in mind- to start a law firm where the clients are treated properly. Since the day the Firm was started in 2015, that has been our mantra, and thankfully, that strategy has paid dividends for our clients. Take a look below at some of our recent success stories:


Recovery for auto accident victim

This client was sitting at a stop light when he was rear ended by a large truck resulting in multiple surgeries. Not only is he on the road to recovery, but he was properly compensated as well.


Recovery for victim of nursing home negligence and medical malpractice

This client's mother suffered negligence at the hands of a nursing home and when brought to the hospital, was subjected to medical malpractice which led to her untimely passing. The recovery obtained for the family gave them some sense of purpose knowing that their mother did not die in vain.


Resolution of commercial litigation matter

Sometimes a business dealing does not go as planned. After extensive litigation we were able to resolve this matter and our client was finally paid for the work which they performed for the defendants in good faith.


resolution of commercial litigation matter

This is the amount this commerical litigation matter settled for which resulted in millions of dollars in savings for the client, who was able to avoid further litigation and resolve the matter.

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